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About Me


I am a writer and artist living in New England.  I write short stories, poetry, and essays, which I work to publish wherever possible.  My art pieces cover painting, photography, collage, and ink drawings.  I am a winner of the Helen Creeley Poetry Prize for high school students (2012) and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2017 for my poem "Suicide Note."  My most recent work is an essay in the Atlantic on what an administrative person is worth, and "Housetraining Your Executive" from The Opiate.

I worked to pay for my college degree while studying history at night, and the offshoots of that hybrid world are what I describe in my work. My writing tries to reflect my gravitation towards uncomfortable realities that people would rather forget, because in spite of the years when I was emptying dishwashers and cleaning up catering leftovers, I still made things and felt things and thought things, and it turns out my default existence inevitably includes these small acts of creation.

Bio photo credit to Francesca Davy-Falconi.  All other photographs and artwork on this site are my work and owned exclusively by me.


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